“I’ve had my tool set for a few weeks now and can happily say that they’re fantastic. They do look very similar to G** branded tools, so a comparison is in order. I find that these tools/instruments provide the same level of feedback as the more expensive set with the added bonus that all the tools are double-bevel (a feature I always wished the G** instruments had), which means you don’t need to flip the tool over when you want to change the direction of your stroke. Additionally, their slightly larger size means that the instruments fit better in hand and cause me less fatigue with prolonged/repeated use throughout the day. There are only four tools in this set, but once you have these in hand, you realize immediately that the three smaller tools combine features of two tools into one, making for less switching from tool to tool within one session.”

Brian Ziegler, California


“These tools are exactly what I needed! I use them for muscle adhesions without hurting my hands, the weight of these tools is perfect because you don’t need to add much pressure to dig into the muscles. My patients love it and that makes me happy. Great return of investment on these tools, totally worth it. I like the neoprene case because is not bulky and I can carry my tools anywhere I go”.

Sherri Hager,  Colorado


“My car got broken into and they tool my original set of Graston tools about 3 weeks ago. I was very upset because I had spent thousands of dollars on those instruments. I refused to buy a new set from them and decided to search online for similar stainless steel tools. From all the variety of options out there, I decided to try Zuka Tools and also an “All in One” tool I found online. After 1 week of trying them out there was no question to decide on the Zuka Tool set. I picked this option because their tools are big enough for me to use both of my hands when treating patients (Z3 and Z4) and I am so impressed with their double beveled edge all around their tools. I am happy with my purchase and recommend these to anyone looking for quality instruments”.

Eddie Brown, New Jersey


Physical and Occupational Therapist:

“Quality tools at a price that a practitioner can afford. Take your Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization further with Zuka Tools. I am a physical therapist with 22 years outpatient orthopedic rehab with a sports medicine and hand specialty. I use them daily and haven’t found a clear favorite yet, maybe the #3, but I love them all. The #1 is great for digits, hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. The #2 works for wrists, forearms, elbows, arms, shoulders, ankles, lower legs and knees. The #3 is great for everything but digits. The #4 is great for backs, gluts, thighs, traps, pects and ITBs. I usually pair the tools up doing my soft tissue mobs; i.e. #1 with #2, or #3 with #4, etc. Great for feeling adhesions and releasing restrictions, including surgical scars. Highly recommend.”

Pat Crebbin, Oregon


“These tools are exactly what I needed for my practice! They are same or better quality than other expensive brands. I will spread the word to my colleagues about this great soft tissue instruments”.

Michael Niibu,  California


“I love your tools! The main reason is because they are high quality stainless steel. A month ago, I bought the EDGE tool (for IASTM) from Amazon and it look made out of cheap material and was not functional. Zuka tools are more reliable and the design is appropriate for the needs of the therapist, when I tried this “all in one” tool my hand got fatigued and the edge was too sharp”.

 Kim Dae Won, South Korea


I use Zuka Tools almost every day! I specialize seeing patients with knee problems and get to use these tools all the time. What I like the most is the variety of sizes with all different edges to treat just about anything I need. These tools are a life saver in my practice”.

Melinda Meier, Florida


Athletic Trainers:

“I was very skeptical about using stainless steel tools on my athletes in the past. However, after finding your product online and seeing you guys offered a 90 day money-back guaranteed I decided to give it a try. I have found Zuka Tools has improved my manual therapies tremendously! I can easily feel the adhesions and restrictions on my athletes. I am very happy with my purchase”.

Marion Williams, Texas


“I treat a variety of size athletes at one of the main University in Southern California, my athletes come to me with very tight shoulders, calves and hamstrings. Zuka tools are great instruments to have when you are treating athletes to loosen up their tight muscles. What I like the most is that my athletes ask for me to use these tools on them. They feel comfortable and see great results after each treatment”.

Brian Andrews, California


Massage Therapist:

“Just wanted to let you know that the tools arrived, and I absolutely love them!  I have been a licensed massage therapist for 15 years and have practiced most of those years at chiropractic clinics. I have extensive knowledge working on soft tissue. For a while I used the plastic and jade Gua Sha tools. However, one of the DCs here has really expensive GRASTON stainless steel tools, and I have repeatedly inspected them and used them on myself, comparing them to the plastic tools.  I noticed consistently better results from the stainless tools, but they have decided not to offer tools or training to massage therapists for reasons I just can’t understand.  I couldn’t have been more delighted when they arrived.  Myself and the 3 doctors I work with all inspected them and I started using them immediately on patients with wonderful results.  These tools have surpassed my expectations. I am thrilled with the results and couldn’t be happier with my purchase”.

Michelle Nilland, RMT, Arkansas