Who Can Use ZUKA Tools

userThis tool set can be used by a chiropractor, physical or occupational therapist, athletic trainer or massage therapist. 

 The ZUKA Tools are are double beveled to provide you versatility to treat the tissue in both directions.

What Conditions Can be Treated?

infoConditions that can be treated with these tools: Fascial adhesion, sprains, strains, old sports injuries, bruises, scar tissue buildup, contractile disorders, plantar fasciitis, tennis/golfers elbow, ITB syndrome, runners knee, trigger points, myofascial pain syndrome, carpal tunnel, rotator cuff, fibromyalgia, surface scars, and more.

Student Discount?

check_markYES! - We do offer student discounts with a valid school email address. Send us an email or submit a contact form for more information!

Share this with your classmates and you can get bulk discounts depending on the quantity ordered.